Crossing Mexico Conference

Crossing Mexico / Migration & Human Rights in the Age of Criminal Politics

The New School, New York University, and Princeton University

March 10-13, 2015

These paired conferences sought to enrich understandings of and bring visibility to the increasingly complex and violent processes that characterize contemporary Mexican and Central American migration north. From the violent population displacements in Central America and countless migrant deaths and disappearances in Mexico to the for-profit detention and deportation regime in the United States, the entire migratory formation has been enveloped by a human rights catastrophe of unprecedented proportions. The conferences convened scholars, artists, and activists to share work and experiences in order to imagine pathways for action.


Remains, Justice, and Memory

Diana Taylor is University Professor and Professor of Performance Studies and Spanish at NYU.

Aldo Ledon Pereira is a human rights activist and part of Voces Mesoamericanas, an organization that promotes the protection of rights of migrant indigenous communities in Mexico and their places of destination.

Marta Sánchez Soler has been cofounder and coordinator of Movimiento Migrante Mesoamericano de since April 2006.

Pablo Dominguez Galbraith is currently a PhD Candidate in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Princeton University.

Oscar Martínez Keynote: Los migrantes que no importan

Óscar Martínez writes for, the first online newspaper in Latin America. The original edition of his book Los migrantes que no importan (The Beast) was published in 2010 by Icaria and El Faro, with a second edition by Mexico’ssur+Ediciones in 2012.

Marcial Godoy-Anativia is a sociocultural anthropologist and the Managing Director of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics at New York University.

Migrating Violencias—From Ciudad Juarez to Ayotzinapa

Rossana Reguillo is a researcher (Investigadora Nacional, Sistema Nacional de Investigadores—level III) and a member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences. She is a professor in the department of Sociocultural Studies at the ITESO.

María Josefina Saldaña-Portillo is an Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis and the Director of Undergraduate Studies at NYU.

Rita Laura Segato is from Argentina and has a doctorate degree in anthropology. Currently, she is a professor at Universidad de Brasilia and a top-level researcher at the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones de Brasil.

Melissa Amezcua Yepiz is a PhD candidate in Sociology and History at The New School for Social Research.